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Registration on NOW!  - Interior Design Book Club - Fall  at thestylewell.

Join like-minded, design keeners, groupies, aspiring stylists, designers, and home lovers alike to discuss, learn, dissect, and share together the contents and context of a beautiful Interior Design book.

Don’t let a book just sit on your coffee table, engage with it and at the same time, breakdown the key components of interior design and the author’s aesthetic and point of view.

At the very least you may learn something new, meet a new friend or takeaway an idea to put into practice in your own space.

For this Interior Design Book Club, we will delve into the work of Heidi Caillier: Memories of Home

 In her debut book, designer Heidi Caillier shows how to mix moody color with layers of pattern, natural materials, and textures to create spaces that are both beautifully curated and comfortably livable.

Heidi Caillier believes that our homes should create a sense of place, and serve as the setting for lifelong memories. In her first book, she shares twelve houses from across the country, from the islands of Puget Sound to the Berkshires. The rooms of these houses are simultaneously nostalgic and of the moment. Caillier is a master of mixing patterns, combining florals with graphic lines and shapes, as well as using deeper, muddy colors to create coziness and warmth. There is a tension between masculine and feminine, modern and traditional as vintage pieces mingle with contemporary to create spaces that feel intrinsically inviting and effortlessly designed.

A creative mind who took the path less traveled, Caillier informs her interiors and this book with the same vibrant and enthusiastically patterned joie de vivre that colors her own life; creating homes that are nostalgic, romantic, creative, inviting, and made for both the big and small moments of life. Her warm and layered interiors create a backdrop for living—at the ready to create memories of home. 

Memories of Home is available at thestylewell starting October 10th


Moderated by Lisa Wrixon of thestylewell

Cost:  $120 includes Book (to be retrieved before event/details to follow) 

Cost   $60 if you bring your own copy of book

Light Sips and Nibbles will be served during the event

Link to purchase a book/register and secure your spot for preferred event:


October 17th  – with book


October 17th    – no book/event only

Once registered, you will be emailed information on how to retrieve your book ( if purchased), a worksheet to complete prior to the evening, to ensure everyone has cracked open their book, engaged with the contents and is able to participate and have an informed discussion.

Looking forward to a lovely evening with you discussing all things pretty.

Maximum Participants – 18 - first come first serve

COVID safety practices in place / If you are unwell or must cancel due to COVID exposure, a full refund will gladly be given.




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